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India is vast country with a variety of religious languages and food habits.

Different regions of India boast of their particular style of cooking.
To most people,Indian food means hot and spicy curries, but this is not necessarily so.
Curries range from light and spicy in the South to more sophisticated and rich in the North. Coastal regions of the South are abundant in seafood.These are mainly cooked with coconut and aromatic herbs.The Moghul and Persian Conquerors have left their mark on North Indian cuisine.With the richness of their foods, one that is rich with fruits, nuts,herbs and spices.

Tandoori cooking, over the years, has become very popular all round the world.A tandoor is a clay oven which is fired by charcoal.This form of cooking imparts a special flavour and retains all natural juices and at the same time burns off any remaining fat.Breads are also cooked in this oven.

Here at ``Haveli``, our chefs try to bring you some of the most authentic and traditional dishes from the different regions of India.
We trust you will enjoy dining with us. We welcome any suggestions from you.

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